We appreciate any monetary donations, and also accept donations of gently used items such as furniture, clothing, and household items. Please sign up for our newsletter. All contributions are tax deductible.

Click on the Donate button on the bottom of the page to make an easy donation to BethHaven through paypal.  You can either use a pay pal account or a credit/debit card to make the donation.  We will send you a letter confirming your donation that you can use for tax purposes.

Some contributors have made long-range estate plans which include a charitable bequest to BethHaven Incorporated.  This  provides donors with the assurance that the mission and work of BethHaven will continue for generations to come.  If you have made such plans or would like more information about including BethHaven Incorporated in your estate planning, please feel free to contact our president, Mike Van de Casteele.  Your donation plans will be held in confidence.