BethHaven Inc. provides a home-style living environment that centers on the individual and their specific situation. Qualified, trained staff are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to support and structure the daily activities of the house. All administrative staff are also on site Monday thru Friday to provide additional assistance, training and on-going supervision.

Our Residential and Activities Programs work together to ensure increased quality of life while maintaining safety. In addition, both programs have specific focus to assist residents in achieving their personal goals.

Residential Program:

Medication Monitoring

All residents of BethHaven agree to comply with doctor’s orders and take medication as prescribed.¬†Residential staff carefully monitor medication compliance. For structure, there are specific times when the residents are expected to take their medications under the observation of residential staff.¬†All prescribed medications are secured in the staff office and records are kept on a medication administration record.

Meal Plans

Three healthy, balanced meals are offered seven days a week.  Two snacks are offered daily.

Health Monitoring

Health monitoring is offered depending on resident’s needs. This can range from taking temperatures to monitoring blood pressures to accompanying residents to Doctor’s appointments.

Family Liaison

In some cases people who have a mental illness also have fractured relationships with their loved ones. Depending on the resident’s wishes, staff at BethHaven can act as a “go between” to increase communication. Also, while the resident’s goals and desires are of first priority, the family’s opinions are always taken into account.

Advocate for Residents

BethHaven staff are available and willing to speak on behalf of a resident who may need some assistance in getting his or her needs met.

Behavior Support

The staff at BethHaven are well trained in working with adults who have a mental illness. Through the process of developing positive, professional relationships with the residents the staff are able to notice the behavioral nuances of each resident. If the occasion should arise, the staff are capable of providing sufficient support to help a resident through a behavioral difficulty.

Daily Living Skills

BethHaven provides many opportunities for resident’s to improve upon their daily living skills. One of the frustrations for people who develop mental illness is the rapid loss of daily skills. The staff at BethHaven understands this dynamic and encourage the resident’s to develop the skills they have and to improve upon the skills they may have lost.

Transportation for Medical Appointments

BethHaven staff are available if any resident should need a ride to an important Doctor appointment. Staff are also willing to sit in on an appointment if the resident feels it would be helpful.

Activities Program:

Social Skills Development

Research has shown that loneliness and social difficulties are two of the biggest issues facing adults with mental illness. The activities program at BethHaven is geared toward providing activities where the residents are exposed to social situations. A full time Activities Director is available to provide positive feedback and modeling for the residents at BethHaven.

Community Interaction

The Activities Program has two main points of focus. The first is to improve the general health and socialization of the residents. The second is to offer a chance for the residents to serve and to give back to the community. Much has been documented about the value of giving and the psychological healing that occurs when people do activities for the good of others. There are many opportunities for the residents at BethHaven to participate in the larger community of the Pikes Peak region.