How much does BethHaven cost?

The full cost for residency at BethHaven is $2199.00 per month.

How do your residents pay for BethHaven?

There are a number of ways to pay for room and board at BethHaven. A few of our residents are classified as private pay and pay the full amount each month from their own resources. Some of our residents are military veterans and pay their way from their VA benefits. The majority of the residents receive Social Security or Social Security Disability Income and qualify through Home and Community Based Services for Persons with Mental Illness (HCBS-MI).  We strongly recommend that you have already been approved for Social Security and have filled out the paperwork for the HCBS-MI waver before moving in.  We can help to point you in the right direction for this.

Who can live at BethHaven?

BethHaven accepts residents with serious and persistent mental illness.  Our philosophy is to provide the basic structure needed for our residents to succeed.  We provide staff in both houses 24 hours a day.  Our staff provides meals, monitors medications, and assists with cleaning around the houses.  We are not licensed to assist with any personal cares (showering, using the bathroom, getting dressed), and residents are encouraged to do some light chores around the house, including keeping their rooms cleaned and doing their own laundry.

How does someone apply to become a resident?

The first step is to come by the office and fill out an application. The application must be signed by the applying resident. If there is an opening at one of the houses, the application will be followed up with a personal interview by the President. The interested resident will be given a tour of the facilities and if they are still interested then final arrangements can be made. The interested resident must be capable of paying the full rent and must be willing to share previous psychological and medical records with BethHaven. BethHaven will not accept a resident who has a past history of violent behavior.

Do you take residents with dementia?

We do not admit residents who have already been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

How long do residents at BethHaven stay?

There is no required time period to live at BethHaven. The time of stay varies with every person and their individual goals. However, BethHaven is intended as a long term living situation and most residents stay for many years.

What is the average age of the residents?

The average age is around 45 years old. Our residents’ ages range from early twenty to late sixties.

Where is BethHaven located?

BethHaven is located just East of downtown Colorado Springs. It is near Colorado College, the downtown shopping area, local restaurants, parks, churches, the YMCA, and near medical facilities of all kinds. The local bus system also has a stop near our location.

Are you a religious organization?

BethHaven is not a religious organization. BethHaven was founded on principles that share common ground with religious principles but is committed principally to creating a home where people with mental illness experience genuine acceptance as valuable human beings and are given the possibilities to grow in whatever ways they choose regardless of spiritual interests.

Are you a locked facility?

BethHaven is not a locked facility. The residents are free to come and go as they please. The home is locked in the evening as any home would be for safety purposes throughout the night, but if a resident needs to be out after hours that can be arranged.